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About us

The network for core people of production ONLY!

fylma focuses on communication and networking.
fylma distinguishes between two categories: Filmmakers & Project Sponsors
As a young or experienced filmmaker, fylma accompanies you from your script idea to distribution and helps you realize your projects. As a project sponsor, you will be made aware of interesting projects based on your requirements and can support them if you are interested.

You can register as...

Filmmaker (Professional, Film Student, Newcomer):
Writer (Screenplay)
Writer (Story, Source Material)
Story Consultant
Executive Producer
Sales (Executive)
Production Assistent
Project Sponsor:
Creative Executive
Distribution Executive
Development Executive
Studio Executive
Acquisitions Executive
Program Director
Editor (Redakteur)
Private Investor
What makes fylma different from other platforms?
- Crew & Cast are not included in fylma.
- Each entry is personally checked for correctness (no fakes).
- Quality not quantity.

Are you a film student in directing, screenwriting or production?

fylma can help you gain a foothold in the film industry in the future. Get to know film students from other universities with whom you can exchange ideas. Receive interesting job offers from professional filmmakers. Post your own projects to give an impression of yourself and your work.
Your entry as a film student is free of charge!
Your options:
Create your projects with all the details
Make contacts with other students
Start joint film projects
Receive job offers from professionals
Online address book for your contacts
You can use all the functions that the professionals use!
Collaborations with numerous film schools are being planned.
If you are a committed young filmmaker or film teacher you can register at fylma, too!

fylma fylma can help you gain a foothold in the film industry in the future. Get to know like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas. Receive internship offers from professional filmmakers. Post your own projects to give an impression of yourself and your work. Your entry is free of charge! You can register at the age of 13 (with parental consent).


Beta Phase

While fylma is in development all fylma services can be used free of charge!
During beta phase the focus is on the further development of the platform! We look forward to your suggestions, criticism and, of course, praise! We customize fylma to give you the best possible features! Please do not hesitate to contact us via our support form.
In the future there might be fees for professionals. Film Students, Newcomer and Project Sponsors are permanently free of charge!


Frequently Asked Questions

F: How can I delete my entry if I´m not interested in fylma anymore?
A: Inside your LOGIN you can delete you entry yourself under "Admin"!
F: Are my contact data save against others?
A: You can decide for yourself whether and who can see your contact details. You can contact other filmmakers via our internal messaging center, where your message is always sent anonymously.
F: I'm prominent and don't want to be found by anyone. Is this possible at fylma?
A: YES, you can keep your entry “incognito”. Of course, you can contact others as you wish!
F: I'm being annoyed or harassed by another user via email (via the messaging center), what can I do?
A: You can block the user so they can no longer contact you!
From the founder...

Welcome to fylma!

Eckhard Dilssner

Founder & CEO

I already had the idea of a network that is exclusively available to filmmakers more than 10 years ago. On my travels I have always received positive feedback on this project from numerous filmmakers at home and abroad. In September 2012 I got to know Ron Meyer (former President of Universal Studios) at a meeting in Los Angeles. He came to Universal just through intensive networking.

I would like to see greater independence from film funding from registered film investors.

fylma will start at the end of 2023, so please be patient for a few months until the first contacts are made. I am very committed to adapting this network to the individual wishes of the users. That's why I'm particularly looking forward to feedback and suggestions!

By the way, if you don't like your entry, you can delete it yourself at any time with all the data with just one click.

I look forward to your entry and I'm sure that fylma will be useful to you!


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CEO: Eckhard Dilssner


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